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Our Story


Hi there!

We’re a husband and wife singing duo, Todd and Jennifer Vigiletti.  Welcome to our newest website. So happy you’re here.

You see, for over the past 25 years, Todd and I have created, produced and performed in over 60 variety shows for our Southern California dinner theater, TIBBIES (or Tibbie’s Music Hall, or Tibbies Great American Cabaret, or TIBBIES at The Queen Mary or TIBBIES Center Stage Theater…we’ve had a few amazing locations over the years). 


Anyway, throughout all of those years, Todd had written over 100 parody songs to entertain our dinner theater audiences as well as for many company party guests, corporate event clients, private event participants and convention attendees. He even wrote a few commercial jingles.

Let’s just sum it up this way. Todd thinks he’s pretty funny. I, his wife, usually roll my eyes or guffaw at his musical creations but our audiences keep laughing and asking for more. Sometimes he even has me (reluctantly) sing some with him.

If that wasn’t enough to annoy me…we were now stuck in our house together for months on end during these unprecedented times. There was no theater or event audiences for Todd to try out his newest “funny” lyrics on. So… guess who got to hear all of his new parody song ideas?  Yeah (sigh), lucky me. But wait! There was a silver lining to be found this year. After 23 years of marriage we finally agreed on something – we both wanted to sing. If that meant I had to sing Todd’s crazy songs, then so be it.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner we figured this was the perfect opportunity to brighten people’s day even tho we couldn’t do so in person. Too bad we couldn’t do singing telegrams for our customers, I thought. Then (lightbulb moment) – why not?! We can just send them virtually!  We set up a video studio right away, took orders, started writing lyrics and warmed up our vocal chords. Our loyal theater customers gratefully took to our new idea and now we are creating special songs to share with anyone in the world. And that, my friends, is the story of how was born.

Custom Parody Singing Telegrams – now at your service!


Todd & Jen Vigiletti

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Todd & Jennifer Vigiletti are the co-founders and owners of Stargazer Productions, and together they manage & operate Center Stage Fontana. They have produced over 300 events and theatrical productions over the years, and have made over 5,000 appearances in various TIBBIES and Center Stage shows. Todd is an award-winning vocalist and emcee, has performed in 27 of the 50 states, and has been featured on many local television variety shows. You may have even seen Todd perform at the Las Vegas Hilton, Bellagio Hotel, Mandalay Bay Resort, or Bally's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! In addition to performing for years at Center Stage and TIBBIES Great-American Dinner Theater, Jennifer is a long-time veteran of the theater. Some of her favorite roles include Lady Jacqueline in Me and My Girl, Rosie in Bye Bye Birdie, Maria in The Sound of Music, and Velma Von Tussel in Hairspray. Together, Todd and Jennifer are known throughout Southern California for their high standards and expertise in the field of live entertainment. You can check out Todd & Jennifer in action on YOUTUBE at this link


For over 25 years, Stargazer Productions has worked with hundreds of entities to raise the bar in special event entertainment, audio-visual production, virtual conference management, theming, event coordination and live stage productions. Our team of event experts have built a legacy of excellence in the realm of message-driven events.

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TIBBIES Center Stage Theater in Fontana, CA is the home of elegant dining and extravagant entertainment. Join the stars of tomorrow today as you enjoy a 3-course dinner and one of our award-winning musical revues, Broadway shows or concerts. TIBBIES Center Stage - the perfect celebration destination.

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